Your questions answered.


What does Kanpeki stand for?
Kanpeki means “Perfection” in Japanese


What is the difference between brown rice and white rice?
Rice starts as paddy rice, which contains the hull (outer shell), germ, and bran layer. When the hull is removed, the rice is brown rice. When the germ and bran layer is removed, it is now white rice.


Do I need a rice cooker to cook your rice?
No. However, we recommend a rice cooker for best results. If you don't have a rice cooker, you can cook your Shoto in a pot on the stove. See Perfect Rice Preparation in the navigation for instructions on preparing your Shoto.


Does your rice stick together making it good for sushi?
Yes, our rice is sticky and is excellent for making sushi. As a general rule, Short grain rice is the best kind of rice for making sushi. Virtually all sushi rice consumed in the United States is grown in California.


What other dishes work well with your rice?
Our rice works well as a side dish with just about any meal. It is often used as a premium table rice, risotto, paella, and most notably sushi. 


What milling process does your rice go through?
Our rice is milled to the highest degree possible. It is classified as a US #1 maximum 2% broken kernels and is double-color sorted to ensure visual consistency. Our rice also undergoes the Kapika polishing process to remove excess starch fibers  guaranteeing a consistent cooking texture.


Do I need to rinse your rice before cooking it?
No. During milling, our rice undergoes the Kapika Polishing process which cleans and polishes the rice and removes excess starch. However, if you prefer to rinse the rice, it will not affect the flavor.


What is the shelf life for white and brown rice
White Rice: We recommend not storing for more than one year at room temperature
Brown Rice: We recommend not storing for more than six months at room temperature. If your home is over 70 degrees we recommend storing your brown rice in a refrigerator to achieve a consistent taste.


What delivery method do your use for your rice?
Standard USPS with tracking. For remote locations we will use Fedex or UPS


How long does it take to deliver your rice?
Standard delivery is within five to seven days from order.


What items are in your sushi kit?
Small: 2lbs of rice, 20 sheets of Nori Paper, 2 sets of chopsticks, 1 rice paddle, 1 Rolling Mat  
Large: 4lbs of rice, 40 sheets of Nori Paper, 4 sets of chopsticks, 1 rice paddle, 1 Rolling Mat  


Can you wash the utensils?
Yes. All of our products are dishwasher safe. For durability, we recommend not drying on high heat. Do not wash the Nori Paper.


What items are in your rice subscriptions?
2 or 4 lbs of white rice, brown rice, or a combination of both


How often will I receive a delivery of your rice while on the subscription plan?
One time per month


Upon ordering a rice subscription how many months will I receive your rice?
You will receive our rice one time per month for a minimum of two months


How do I cancel my subscription?
You must cancel within 30 days of the next month’s scheduled ship date by contacting us through our website.


What is your return policy?
We are unable to accept returns.


Do you offer your rice for food service?
Yes, we offer our rice in 18 lb buckets and 50 lb bags.


What method of delivery do you use for your food service?
We offer a scheduled delivery service within 75 miles of our Yuba City, CA headquarters. Outside of 75 miles, please contact your current food distributor, and ask them about Kanpeki Rice in their distribution service.