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Taste our perfection.

We believe so profoundly in Kanpeki Shoto that we want to send you a complimentary sample to taste the results of the hard work and conviction of five generations of Van Dyke farming. 


Kanpeki Shoto Tasting Sample | Shoto White or Shoto Brown

Let us send you a complimentary sample of Kanpeki Shoto White or Shoto Brown so you can experience The Perfect Rice. Our Kanpeki Shoto White has been Kapika polished and double-color sorted giving it a guaranteed consistency in cooking and appearance. Our Kanpeki Shoto Brown has been lightly milled to remove the rough exterior while retaining the nutrient-rich and fiber-dense bran for an unforgettably robust flavor. This rice pairs beautifully with protein-heavy dishes and as a substitute for your average table rice. Shoto is best noted by an even, smooth feel, with each kernel distinct as it melts in your mouth. With a taste profile characterized by a natural, fresh, subtle complexity, you'll notice notes of sweetness complimented by a delicate hint of nuttiness.

*Complimentary samples are limited to one per household.

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